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Wildlife painter of the Yellowstone, Tetons, and Black Hills, born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1947 and living in Linden, Utah. “My paintings have become a direct link between the wild creatures and we civilized creatures,” she said, “the canvas being the window. I can feel the spirit of each animal come alive at some point while I’m painting. It is almost like a hidden spark I must fan into a flame. It is the joy of creation.”

Immersed in art and animals from an early age, Glazer took lessons from an old German artist in Cody, Wyoming, when she was fifteen. “He has white hair and a strong cigar,” she recalls, “and he used to watch me paint, giving abrupt corrections. Once he caught me using black paint—then he really did get upset! I dreamed some day to paint like him. I hope he’ll forgive me that I now use black.” At eighteen, she decided to become an artist. “I just knew I had to paint. It was like a responsibility, not a choice. I was scared, yes, but I love adventure.” She talks about years “of struggle and poverty, but it was worth it. The opposition fed my dreams.”

Glazier moved back to Utah and began studying North American wildlife. She “set out alone to find the secret place of a moose cow and her calf, to spot the antelope buck who had spotted me long before, to gain time and trust with a royal elk, so close I can feel the moisture of his breath, so study eye to eye with a surly old bull bison. She is a member of Women Artist of the American West.

Resource: Contemporary Western Artists, by Peggy and Harold Samuels 1982, Judd’s Inc., Washington, D.C.

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