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Ezra Tucker began his award winning career three decades ago in the field of Illustration. Producing many familiar advertisements and enduring images for a multitude of America's fortune 500 corporations. The mass market appeal of Ezra's artwork has been recognized through numerous gold medals and his extensive and prestigious commercial and private client list. Ezra's career as a commercial artist/illustrator has facilitated his working with individuals and corporations to conceptualize and excecute artwork that stimulates and challenges the senses while capturing the viewer's imagination. Some of his most noted work has been his paintings of the Budweiser Clydesdales, an Illustrated novel for Lucas Films,LTD. titled, "Star Wars/Dark Forces-Rebel Agent" and his movie poster art of the "Ten Commandments." Throughout his career, Ezra has been branching out beyond the sometimes restrictive expectations and limitations of illustration. His unique creative style and refreshing perspective gives his subjects a fresh appeal in his artwork. Ezra has spent many years pursuing his intense interest in nature and history. His most recognizable subjects are the animals he has painted for both commercial and private commissions. His approach to capturing a moment in time to reveal a rarely highlighted detail, an incident or fact can be a big dramatic scene or a subtle relaxed blink. He not only invites you to enjoy looking at his images, but for the viewer to be engaged and curious to learn more. Ezra's artistic technique relies on his strong draftsmanship, expert painterly skills and design expertise. The duality between rendering and painting intertwining a compelling composition is innovative and definitive of his art. Ezra's bold and distinctive style of painting reflects acute observation and knowledge of his subject and displays an intimate and emotional portrait quality and adept storytelling. Choosing to paint almost exclusively wildlife in his style, he paints his animals as having apparent intelligence and individual distinctive personalities. He depicts his subjects in fluid motion even when they are at rest. Ezra finds the art of modern wildlife artist Bob Kuhn as well as classical wildlife artist, Carl Rungius, and other artist such as W.R. Leigh, N.C. Wyeth and Norman Rockwell inspirational and their art has influenced his style. Ezra's artwork has been on exhibition at; the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.(1985); the Texas Rangers Historical Museum in Austin, Texas; the Canton Museum of Art in Canton, Ohio(1987); the Bruce Watkins Center in Kansas City, Missouri (1999); and a One-Man-Show at the Art Institute of Southern California in Laguna Beach, California (1997). In 2007, Ezra's work was voted Best of Show in the Greenwich Workshop Small Works Annual Miniature Art Exhibition in Seymour,CT; The Booth Western Art Museum in Cartesville, GA and the Old West Museum in Cheyenne, WY where he was awarded 'Best Acrylic Painting' in their 2009 "Western Spirit" art exhibition. Two of his original works were purchased by the Booth Museum in 2009 to hang in their permenent collection. His original art is also included in many private and Fortune 500 corporate collections. Ezra states, "I get tremendous joy and satisfaction from my observation of wildlife behavior and expressions. The intelligence and uniqueness of each creature's individual character and personality often reflect glimpses of human nature and character. My desire to paint wildlife in a realistic style allows me to also define the beauty that I see in their movements, subtle or overt. I choose to highlight the variety of color I see in the fur and textures of the surfaces that envelop their being. I find it necessary to preserve and to respect the creatures that inhabit our planet because I believe that we are more connected than humans acknowledge. The challenge I have for myself is to present the beauty and

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