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Frederic Remington Artworks :

We have handled the following Frederic Remington artworks (one is currently available)

• A Bunch of Bucksins: A Trooper of the Plains• A Bunch of Buckskins-Army Packer• Rattlesnake
• A Bunch of Bucksins: An Arizona Cowboy• A Bunch of Buckskins-Old Ramon• Remington Liner Sketch
• A Bunch of Bucksins: An Army Packer• A Bunch of Buckskins-Old Trapper• Shield, Illustration for the Song of Hiawatha
• A Bunch of Bucksins: An Indian Scout• A Monarch of the Plains• Six Remington Paintings in Color portfolio
• A Bunch of Bucksins: Old Ramon• A Sioux Chief• Sketchbook
• A Bunch of Buckskins• A Trapper• Sketchbook, leatherbound
• A Bunch of Buckskins 2• After the Skirmish• The Bronco Buster
• A Bunch of Buckskins Portfolio: Set of Eight• An Army Packer• The Bronco Buster,
• A Bunch of Buckskins: A Breed• An Equine Freight Car and A Point of View• The Bronco Buster, #25 Bonnard Foundry
• A Bunch of Buckskins: A Cheyenne Buck• An Indian Scout ( Buckskin Series )• The Charge of the Rough Riders, 1898
• A Bunch of Buckskins: A Cheyenne Buck.• Antelope Hunting• The Cheyenne
• A Bunch of Buckskins: A Sioux Chief• Artist's Proofs: Six Remington Paintings in Colors portfolio• The Cowboy
• A Bunch of Buckskins: A Sioux Chief, 1901• Bronco Buster• The Cowpuncher
• A Bunch of Buckskins: A Sioux Chief.• Bunch of Buckskins: The Trooper of the Plains• The Last Stand
• A Bunch of Buckskins: A Trapper• Cavalry Man on Horseback (desc)• The Scalp
• A Bunch of Buckskins: An Arizona Cowboy• Crazy Horse Fight• The Scout
• A Bunch of Buckskins: An Army Packer 2• Eight New Remington Paintings Portfolio• The Scouting Party
• A Bunch of Buckskins: An Army Tracker, 1901• Goose Hunting• The Sergeant
• A Bunch of Buckskins: An Indian Scout• Indian with Six Feathers #240• The Sergeant, #14
• A Bunch of Buckskins: Arizona Cowboy• Indian with Three Feathers #225• The Sioux Chief
• A Bunch of Buckskins: Old Trapper• Interrogating the Bandits• The White Goat At Home (Mountain Goat ona Rocky Ledge; Rocky Mountain Goat
• A Bunch of Buckskins: Portfolio of 8 Framed Lithographs (Available)• Letter and Photo• Trying the New Pair
• A Bunch of Buckskins: Portfolio of 8 Lithographs• Portfolio of Eight Remington Paintings• Warrior XX
• A Bunch of Buckskins: The Trapper• Profile Head of Indian• Wild Geese Shooting
• A Bunch of Buckskins-A Sioux Chief• Prussian Cavalry Officer• 'You Know This Thing, Chief? The Indian Nodded Slightly'
• A Bunch of Buckskins-An Arizona Cowboy• Ralph Hepburn Camp Grasse 
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