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After graduating from art school, Jay Moore worked in a graphic design firm in Denver for two years before working on his own as an illustrator. The pressures of illustration pushed him to a level of professionalism that he carries with him today. But it was not until the Art Students League of Denver offered a workshop with painter, Clyde Aspevig, that Jay truly considered abandoning illustration for fine art. An in-depth study of the great landscape painters revealed to Moore a common denominator; all these artists painted directly from nature, developing numerous preliminary sketches and color studies outdoors, a practice commonly referred to as plein air. It is from these field images that Moore's larger studio canvases come from. Today, the value of plein-air painting is universally respected. And yet, many landscape painters have abandoned the demands of field work for the comfort of the studio and the convenience of painting from photographic references. Moore is a devoted artist with unyielding work ethics literally painting, while in the field, from dawn to dusk. Moore's work has been acquired by private and corporate concerns and at the museum level. An affinity for art history resulted in an interesting development in his work. A few years ago Moore started assigning GPS (latitude/longitude) coordinates to his plain air paintings. GPS is the abbreviation for Global Positioning System, a process that determines your exact location via satellite technology. This latitude/longitude information is noted on each painting. Moore is the first artist to combine this phenomenal technology with an honored traditional painting style. From a historical perspective, this innovation is one of the most notable additions to plein-air painting. GPS specificity shuttles this corner stone painting style into the 21st century, and will eliminate forever locale speculation by future curatorial staff, collectors, historians scholars. Source

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