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William Harry Ahrendt was born the last day of February 1933, in Cleveland, Ohio. At age 7 he began drawing, having announced to his family that he was going to become an artist. Unwaveringly, he put art at the top of his priorities through public school years and through the Los Angeles Art Center School, and the Cleveland Institute of Art, Ohio, from which he graduated magna cum laude in 1956. Winning the Institute’s prized travel scholarship at graduation allowed him to tour all the major museums of Europe from a studio base, which he established in Rome, Italy and later Munich Germany. Taking residence in Germany, there followed a wide variety of art related occupations, ranging from serving as the Arts and Crafts Director for the U.S. Army in Giessen, Germany to directing the advertising department for The U.S. Air Force European Exchange Program in Wiesbaden. During his 11 years in Europe his study of the work and techniques of the Old Masters remained his primary focus. In 1965 Ahrendt passed his entrance examination at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts where he studied in the Max Doerner Department of Painting Technology. There he scrutinized, researched and copied originals by Fra Angelico, Rubens, Van Dyck, Titian and Velazquez. In 1968 Ahrendt’s European period of study ended and he returned to the United States where he completed his Masters Degree in Art History at Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona. Throughout the following decade Ahrendt was a member of the Art Department faculty of Glendale Community College, Glendale, Arizona, where he became Art Department Chairperson. In 1976 he designed and began construction on his studio home in the canyon country of central Arizona among the Pine forested canyon walls outside the small community of Pine. Since 1979, after having resigned his position at Glendale College, Ahrendt has worked in his Pine studio supporting himself solely through the sale of his art. And has throughout past years acted as contributing editor for Arizona Highways Magazine in which his drawings, oils and tempera paintings have interpreted the full range of southwestern sagas from Spanish exploration to American occupation. He painted riverboat, stagecoach, saloon and ranching scenes, gunfights, missions, epic marches humble settlements and portraits of many historical American natives and their white counterparts. These painted episodic adventures into the history of the American west - exposed in one of America’s premier regional journals - have contributed toward a following among lovers of paintings of American history and particularly of the 16th through 19th century theater of events west of the Mississippi. This following of art buyers continues to grow. Today Ahrendt spends the majority of his time doing what his life has led him to love most. He works daily at his easel doing, primarily, commissions for paintings on the History of the American west. He is also transforming his classroom-teaching skills and his love for painting into instructional DVD video demonstrations through which Ahrendt wishes to share with art interested students, teachers and collectors the many facets of information that his experiences in the field of art have proven important for the well rounded education of artist’s and art lovers. Source Artist’s Website

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