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Leonard H Reedy Artworks :

We have handled the following Leonard H Reedy artworks (none is currently available)

• A Startled Bronco• Navajo Country• The Rustler
• Another One Down• Prospector and Burro• The Sioux Visitor
• At the Cantina• Pursuing Wild Horses• Tragedy of Plains
• Breaking a Wild One• Sandstorm• Trappers Meet the Sioux
• Buffalo• Stagecoach• Travois
• Buffalo Herd in Snow Storm• Stagecoach in Desert• US Cavalry Pursuing Cheyenne
• Cheyenne Burning Crow Buffalo Range• The Cheyenne Camp• Wanted
• Cowboy on Horseback• The Gun Duel• Watching Over the Herd
• In the Corral• The Indian and the Trapper• Wounded Pony Express Rider
• Indian on Horseback• The Lone Navajo• Wyoming Hills
• Indian Warriors• The Mexican• Wyoming Sunset
• Into the Stretch• The Poisoned Water Hole 
• Navaho Shepherd• The Rescue 
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