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Kyle was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming on June 12th, 1980. He is one of two sons born unto Jon and Beth Sims with his sibling named Blake, two years the younger. Kyle’s training with the arts began very early, but with no formal regimen in place. His talent was recognized and encouraged by his parents from the beginning. But it was around the age of 13 that he can remember having a strong interest building towards painting animals in particular. At age 16, Kyle began taking workshops from artists making a living from their work which really propelled him forward with his own work. Kyle began heavily studying the works of those who painted wildlife in a realistic manner and who did it with acrylics At age 17, Kyle met Daniel Smith during a workshop and has been a good friend and mentor of Kyle’s ever since. The artist’s life can be rather monotonous and lonely, so having an artist whom you respect and admire to converse with is nearly a necessity. At age 18, Kyle met Paco and Toni Young. They hit it off from the beginning and Kyle began helping them with the grunt work of the workshops they began running, called the Beartooth School of Art. In exchange for this, Kyle received more training than he ever thought possible from some of today’s leading wildlife artists. During this, Paco had a big influence on Kyle in that he heavily encouraged Kyle to get outside and paint from life. This way of working altered the way Kyle sees not only his subjects but what makes a good painting. Once Kyle graduated from high school, he headed up to Billings, Montana to receive his bachelor degree in art from Rocky Mountain College. During this time, Kyle hit the jackpot by finding the sweetest girl named Joylene during his senior year. They were married on December 31st, of 2005 and have never looked back. One thing Kyle would like to mention regarding Joylene and art is that he really began his discoveries of using a variety of colors after he met her. Before, his work was more monochromatic. Source: artist's website.

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