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I was born October 29, 1945 in San Diego California. I was raised in a Navy family and lived in Rhode Island, Hawaii, California, Iowa, Tennessee, and Guam. When my dad left the Navy, we settled in Salt Lake City Utah in 1957. My ancestors settled in the Salt Lake Valley in 1848. I moved to Tahoe California in the 1986 and to Ennis Montana in 1989. I currently live in Ennis Montana. I also did a few pieces for a company called Legends/Starlight Editions who placed my work all over Canada and the U.S. I have traveled all over the U.S. and parts of Canada, making appearances for Legends/Starlight Editions. I no longer work with them though, but they still have pieces of mine on the market. I have had articles on myself written up in the 1981 August issue of South West Art Magazine. The last place my work appeared was in the January 2001 issue of Cowboy and Indians Magazine in an article about a house in Jackson Wyoming where a life-size bronze of mine, Summer Wind, is displayed. I have over the years appeared in magazines such as Western Horseman and Art of the West. I was a member of the American Indian and Cowboy Artists. The A.I.C.A.. We used to have a yearly show in San Dimas California, and in the last years of our organization we showed yearly at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage. The group disbanded a couple of years ago. I am not associated with any groups at the moment. My studio is located in Ennis Montana, in the Ennis Trade Center #10. The public is welcome to visit my studio and to watch me work. I am currently working on a couple of life-size clay/bronzes. One is a 6 foot tall statue of a cowboy called Workin' for the Brand. I am starting another life-size clay of an Indian for a private commission within the next week. I may be adding a live web cam to my website in the near future so people can log on and watch how a sculpture is developed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- From CONTEMPORARY WESTERN ARTISTS by Peggy and Harold Samuels. David Lemon works in bronze in traditional style sculpting western subjects including Indians and horses. The son of a Navy officer, he was born in San Diego and during his childhood lived in Sandy, Utah as well as Hawaii, California, Guam, Rhode Island, Iowa and Tennessee. A major inspiration to him was reading "The Agony and the Ecstasy" by Irving Stone about Michelangelo. After serving in the Navy for four years and working for eleven years in a printing plant, Lemon devoted himself to sculpting. Source

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