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David Griffin is an American representational painter who has been established in the art market for over 25 years. Griffin's work primarily focuses on figurative and landscape subjects. His paintings portray a masterly blend of light and shadow, focusing on soft light gently touching his subject. A quietude exists in the rich tonalities of David's work. Pastoral in nature, the artist's work is influenced by his extensive travels throughout Europe. Since 1985, David has spent considerable time painting and gathering reference from all over Europe. "I am drawn to the quality of light pervading the European countryside. The heavy moisture in the air filters and reflects the sunlight in a unique way which softens the landscape, yet strengthens the surrounding color," states Griffin. He is at his best with subjects from everyday life. His work features idyllic landscapes and figures in quiet meditation or contemplative moments. Griffin explains, "I am intrigued by the gentleness of the land and the strength of noble character. Gentleness amid strength is a dichotomy that manifests itself in all of God's creation, a paradox that I try to capture on canvas." However, representational art should transcend the tedious recording of details. It is a case of art imitating nature rather than duplicating nature, and the artist's role is not simply to trace the outline of an image, but rather to express a visual statement through color, light, texture, and composition. Good representational painting, therefore, is not only measured by its likeness, but by its ability to stand on its own as a work of art with the distinct creativity of the artist evident in every respect, as the artist's trained eye observes changing mood and personality. Griffin explains, "I attempt to suggest the recognizable image of the subject but do not strive to make the image identical in order that the painting will have the look and feel of a Griffin, whether it be a portrait, genre scene or landscape. I have had the opportunity to travel, study, and observe a variety of cultures in everyday activity. A shepherd tending his flock on a Spanish hillside; a woman tending her garden in the south of France; the singular splendor of a swan. Each has its own mood, environment and dynamic composition that excites me." David has worked in the fields of graphic design, commercial illustration, and fine art. Born in 1952, David grew up in Lubbock, Texas. After studying fine art at Texas Tech University, he attended the first Illustrators Workshop in Tarrytown, New York, where he studied under Bernie Fuchs, Mark English, and Bob Peak. His work was recognized many times by Illustrator's Annual during the late 1970's. In 1982, he left the commercial art field and began painting professionally, sharing a studio with Bart Forbes for more than 10 years. He also studied with Bettina Steinke and James Reynolds at the Scottsdale Art School. More recently, he has been influenced by the work of Richard Schmid, considered by many to be the consummate American representational artist. David and his wife life in Dallas, Texas, where they raised their three children. Regarding his work, David follows the sound advice of an elderly French woman who instructed him to "see with the eyes, but paint from the heart." " I always hear her impassioned words of wisdom in each new painting that I create." Source

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