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"Traditional realist" oil painter of historical and contemporary Western scenes, Lee Herring was born near Point in rural Raines County, Texas in 1940 and living in Dallas, Texas. "Without excuses," he says, "I am convinced that traditional realism requires the best effort from those artists possessing the greater abilities. It is a combination of draftsmanship, composition, design, perspective, and mastery of color, with the skill to make the subject dominant and understandable, producing a work of beauty and delight. "During World War II, my father and mother were both in defense work, and we moved from the Texas Gulf to Portland, Oregon. Near the end of the war, we began farming in Texas. With a scholarship to play football, I obtained both my BS and MS degrees in advertising art and art education. During the years from 1963 to 1974, I worked as a technical illustrator, illustrator, and cartoonist. I taught public school in Texas and Australia and in a technical college. I formed an advertising agency, went into sales and back to school. "Although I was successful in what I did, all along I had wanted to paint. Finally in 1975, I quit everything else and painted full time. Art, to me, is traditional realism. If the piece is historical, I feel it is necessary to do a great amount of research, to find the extremes and plot a plausible course between them. Once I made a week long wagon train ride across empty back country. I made the trip in order to get some idea of what it must have been like. From dawn to dusk I was photographing everything of interest and riding horseback ahead of the wagons to wait with my camera. Source

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