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In 1975 I went to school with Tom Mansanarez. I was a teacher aide to Mr. Tyree, a science teacher in the 7th grade. I had taken assignments home to grade and was impressed with this one paper in particular. The assignment was to draw what you had seen in the microscope, and he had drawn the microscope, the slide, what was on it, and his hand holding the slide. I had shown this to my Mom who is an artist and she too was impressed. I gave the paper an A. Often I watched Tom sketch and made such a fuss over his abilities that he gave me his sketch pad from which I had watched him sketch, I still have this pad; the sketches are all signed and dated from 11/9/75 to 12/13/75. On April 11, 2001 an Art Distributor was delivering art to my office and to my surprise I recognized the signature on this Print that caught my eye. It was signed Tom Mansanarez. I told the art distributor that I knew this artist and had a sketch pad given to me by him, so I brought it to work the next day and showed him, I also sent a letter with him to give to Tom, telling him that I still had the pad and if he and his family were ever on an adventure they were welcome here in my home any time. Source

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