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Navajo sculptor Tim Washburn appeared as featured artist for the 2016 Prescott Indian Art Market at Sharlot Hall Museum the weekend of July 9-10. Washburn, a self-taught artist, has exhibited his work at museums and markets for more than 30 years. This past year, his brown alabaster sculpture, “Reservation Herding,” won Best of Show at the Prescott market. Washburn sculpts mostly in stone – alabaster, limestone and marble. His work is noteworthy for portraying the strength, dignity and beauty of traditional Navajo people. Strength is depicted through the steadfastness and endurance of his people; dignity comes from his respect and love for Navajo tradition; and beauty is reflected in the harmony of living with nature and from his deep spirituality which is a constant way of life. Early in his career, Washburn created his own carving tools, or found other handmade tools in reservation pawnshops. These tools enable him to capture facial details with remarkable accuracy. His works, he explained, are expressions of Navajo life and can teach the viewer about the Navajo people. His wife appreciates the warrior sculptures for their leadership, pride and strength. He carves grandmothers, mothers and children based on his personal experiences. Washburn has been a leading sculptor at the Prescott Indian Art Market, and has won numerous first place and best in show awards here and at other prestigious markets across the country. “There are some wonderful artists out there – but Tim … Well, I guess he has a gift from the Navajo Holy People,” said Sandy Lynch, show manager. “Couple that with where he lives in a remote part of New Mexico that even cell towers can hardly reach, his work comes from his heart, his life, and the land between the Navajo’s Four Sacred Mountains.” Washburn has won Best of Show awards seven years out of 18 of the Prescott Indian Art Market shows he has entered, Lynch added. He’s earned almost double that number of first-place ribbons in sculpture." Tim often carves in Colorado alabaster, which is a stone that is native to the Four Corners region near where he lives, and is noted for its pink tones and slightly translucent appearance. Tim is from Kirtland, New Mexico.' Reference:

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