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Still life painter Roseta Santiago was raised in Washington DC. At age 22 she was self employed, painting logos and doing hand lettering for businesses in Washington. After a move to Atlanta, Santiago continued to do artwork for businesses. While painting a cowboy mural for a newly designed restaurant, she received such praise from the restaurant owner for her work ethic, creativity and organizational skills that she was asked to become the project's architect and replace the former one. She continued on as general contractor for four more of the same chain of restaurants. She then went to work for the restaurant chain "Fat Tuesdays" and designed theme layouts and decor. Seeking to find her own artistic voice, she enrolled in a workshop with David Leffel in Atlanta. Santiago is now committed to her own still-life art. Roseta Santiago approaches each object in her painting as an extraordinary object with its own history. Her paintings often feature one object in a small pool of warm light against a deep black background. The effect forces the viewer to contemplate each piece in her dramatic work. Source

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