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My brother, Ramon Rice was born in Salem Oregon in 1928. He was the middle child and only son of a family of five. After high school, he was inducted into the Army and served in Italy after the war. During his service in Italy he learned how to speak Italian fluently and spent time studying the masters in the museums. He obtained a Masters Degree in Philosophy at Pacific Union College and later studied towards his doctorate in philosophy at USC. While studying at USC, he took voice lessons to strengthen his public speaking voice, for his intended career as a minister of the gospel. He developed a rich baritone voice and delighted in entertaining people with operatic arias at social gatherings. He started painting at an early age. I can recall the bedspread on his bed being used as a paint rag, and our mother keeping the door shut so guests wouldn't see it. He had the IQ of a genius, and was completely self taught as an artist studying the techniques of the masters. Although he painted landscapes and some still life's, his greatest love was painting people whose faces and bodies reflected great character from lives of hardship. He also enjoyed painting children. Although he loved beautiful things he had hardly any possessions. His paintings were popular and commanded high prices but he never could hold onto his money and was always in debt to his suppliers. He frequently gave money to those he felt needed it more than he did. When he died in 1985, there were many paintings in progress in his home. It was evident that the house had been pilfered as several completed paintingsthat were to be in an upcoming show were missing. Source

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