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Photorealist painter, Brad Schmidt has depicted the Navajo people for the past 15 years. Recently, the artist was honored by a Navajo group asking Schmidt for paintings to represent the Navajo people at a worldwide convention. Schmidt has always had a strong interest in history, other belief systems and living customs. He attended community college to study history. In his 20s he began a decade-long expatriate experience in South and Central America-teaching art and sending paintings back to his patrons and galleries. While living abroad he painted rural tropical scenes and figures from native cultures in the Caribbean, Central American, and Mexico. It was there that his two favorite subjects combined, people and painting, in figure painting and portraits. By the time he decided to return to the United States, much of his family had moved to Arizona so he relocated there. Today, the artist, lives with his wife and two teenage children outside of Phoenix, AZ, and uses a room of the house as his studio. Schmidt chooses his subjects carefully, looking for faces full of character. He hires individuals as models, sets up scenes, dresses them in clothes with the specific colors and textures he wants. The Schmidt family often helps, either sew the pieces of clothing or locating antique clothing. Source

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