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A Navajo born in a Catholic Church in Bluff, Utah, Arland Ben has a diverse background that adds character to his fine jewelry. Arland is from the Edgewater Clan and is best known for his overlay gold and silver jewelry, which features hand-cut overlay designs and high-grade, rare turquoise. Son of a medicine man, Arland Ben learned the basics of jewelry-making at age 29 from his brother-in-law, Vincent Platero. Arland was determined to perfect his craft, teaching himself the overlay and goldsmithing techniques for which he is well-known today. Arland casts gold and silver into ingot bars before rolling the metal into his desired gauge. The prehistoric art motifs often seen in his work are inspired by the ancient drawings at Newspaper Rock in Utah. Arland studied art at Brigham Young University and took premed courses at University of Utah where he was active in wrestling before he became a jeweler. His diverse talents don’t end with his jewelry making. Arland’s other professional pursuits include stunt work in such movies as “Last of the Mohicans,” “Geronimo,” and “Buffalo Girls.” Arland is an award-winning jeweler who has received numerous awards at Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Museum Show. He is an avid horseman, husband, and father of two sons, and resides in Estancia, New Mexico.

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