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Children's book illustrator Michael Hague was born in Los Angeles, California of English parents who came from London just after World War II. He was greatly influenced as a boy by the comics, especially "Prince Valiant". He received a BFA degree from the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design. He then worked for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City for two years, before moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to design calendars and greeting cards for the Current Company. Michael Hague comments, "I have always wanted to be a book illustrator. Books are what got me interested in the art field in the first place. I try to infuse my illustrations with the same spirit that the author or the story produced in my imagination. I strive to create something from an empty canvas that becomes a whole 'other world' that people can visit for a while and totally believe in. That challenge of bringing a subject to life and making it believable - and that's what is exciting to me as an artist. It doesn't matter whether it is a Greek myth or an American legend, my approach is the same, to try and blend fantasy with realism." Michael Hague's artistic influences include Walt Disney, early illustrators Arthur Rackham, W. Heath Robinson, N. C. Wyeth and Howard Pyle, and Japanese printmakers Hiroshige and Hokusai. Michael Hague's "World of Unicorns", "The Rainbow Fairy Book", and "The Book of Dragons" are but three of the myriad children's books Michael Hague has illustrated. His wife, Kathleen Hague, also a graduate of the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design, has written several books for children. Source

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