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Jeffrey Lunge' was born in London, England sometime in the year 1905. His father, apparently a bit of a traveler, brought the family to Canada, which was a British country. At his arrival in Canada he was just 8 years old. While living there he became interested in art, but it was not until his father moved the family to the United States, California, that he, over a time became an accomplished water colorist of Southern California in the 1940's. Lunge' had a younger sister; not too much is known of her except that she married an anthropologist by the name of Edward B. Danson, who later became director of the Museum of Northern Arizona. Danson introduced Jeffrey Lunge' to the southwest by taking him along on a trip to the Hopi and Navajo Reservations, a trip that was a life changing experience for Lunge'. His return to Southern California became a temporary event, in fact, only long enough to complete his mural obligations to the California Institute of Technology. Jeffrey Lunge' retired and moved from Southern California to Sedona, Arizona in 1968 and began to paint the southwestern Indian people and landscape full time until 1985. His artworks tell stories of the Indian culture, history and ceremonies of Hopi and Navajo life, such as the Kachina dance. In 1985 Lunge' had to discontinue painting because of his failing eye sight, and sometime in 1993 he passed away, a long time naturalized U.S citizen as well as a noted artist of the state of Arizona. Available since November 2012, in the book, Visions of the Southwest, written by Kelly Hays-Gilpin and Dennis Gilpin, the life of Jeffrey Lunge', (1905-1993) was celebrated and features works of the Southwest (1968-1985) including his sketches and watercolors of landscapes and native cultures of the Southwest. The book, bringing together many of the best of Lunge's paintings from that period of time, was designed by his daughter, Pamela Lunge' and Loren Haury. Source

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