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Wayne Justus paints cowboys and western themes true to life. The artist's photo realistic paintings are of realistic subjects as well. A Series of family moves during his childhood turned out to be fortuitous in steering Wayne Justus to a career as a painter. While living in Fallbrook, California where his father was an avocado farmer he was introduced to Sebastian Capella, an internationally known portrait artist from Spain. Capella ended up giving lessons to the young artist through a translator. In a later move, Justus met western artist, Ron Schofield, who introduced him to books on Russell and Remington. Schofield also took Justus to his first art show and taught him to build frames for his work. While still in school he met artist Austin Deuel. Deuel gave him lessons in his studio and encouraged Justus to pursue art as a career. After high school Justus married and though he tried to pursue his art he ended up going into construction work to support his family. It wasn't until Justus entered his work in The Peppertree Show in California that he found financial success as an artist. He sold all of his work and with the proceeds he was able to purchase property in Colorado where he was able to finally paint full-time. Justus has found new inspiration in the subject of the Civil War. The artist, who has read extensively on the subject, has a burning desire to paint the history. Source: Art of the West, January/February 2003

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