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DON TROIANI is a soul lost in time; a twentieth century artist to whom the life of the common soldier of the Civil War through the mid Eighteenth Century is as familiar and vivid as the surroundings of his Connecticut studio. While there are many other painters who have turned their attention to historical art, none have done so with the enthusiasm, insight and dedication of this accomplished recorder of drama and detail. In the spirit of presenting historical truth through art, Don Troiani has personally set uncompromising standards of excellence and authenticity in his field that few others can equal. Models are chosen with the greatest care to achieve the proper look of the men in mid-Victorian America. The garb and gear of each figure are painstakingly researched. Appropriate backgrounds are found and studied, sometimes sending the artist hundreds of miles from home to examine battlefields and structures firsthand. Because of the great amount of research that goes into one of his works, it is often years between a painting's conception and the actual moment the brush is put to canvas. "If an historical painting is not accurate, then it's worthless both as art and as a historical document," Troiani declares. "If you are going to become involved in this field then there is little excuse for a pattern of inaccuracies." Reference:

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