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Turid Pedersen is a still-life artist, whose subjects are New Mexico archaeology and Indian artifacts. Ms. Pedersen was born in Oslo, Norway and received both a BA and an MAT in the History of World Art and Architecture at the University of Oslo. In the 1970's, she settled near the Mimbres Valley in New Mexico to pursue her life-long interest in the region's archaeology and plethora of ancient Native American artifacts found there. This coupled with her study of early Flemish and French still life painters has led to an extraordinary combination of art forms. She has this to say about her work: "I work from the original artifacts, either in the museums or in local private collections. I make numerous studies and notes, striving for accuracy in scale and appearance. However most important to me is to create a mood in my paintings that evokes the deeply mystical lives of the Mimbres people. It is tremendously moving to touch and handle their objects, to feel the ancient surfaces of the pots, molded, incised, chipped and worn--- to gaze in awe and wonder at the sophisticated designs created by fellow artists centuries ago." Source

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