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Born in Los Angeles, he now lives and works in Bolinas, California. He attended and received a B.F.A from the San Francisco Art Institute. Captivated with the study of old barns and silos, Gregory creates detailed paintings in a palette of whites, greys, and blacks so true to life that they appear almost photographic in nature. The barns and silos are the focal point set in a scenic landscape. Also characterized with that same detailed style, he creates flower paintings. In sharp contrast to the barn paintings, the flowers are painted in brilliant colors on glossy black backgrounds. Each flower is displayed alone, meticulously painted in great detail. In his recent work, desiring to create a shift in the visual space in the paintings, he has focused on a new view of the landscape near his home in Northern California. Paintings include workers in the fields; circus tents in the landscape blurring into abstract shapes of bright color; sprinklers sparkling with the light. His work is inspired by Breughel's painting of the "Plowman" and Millet, who painted workers in a sincere fashion. This is the first time he has painted figures in the landscape. His work is included in many public and private collections such as The Denver Art Museum, Microsoft Corporation, U.S. Trust Company in New York, Bank of America and Champion International Corporation, and General Mills Corporation. Source

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