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Ambrose Atencio was born on June 11, 1963 at Santo Domingo Pueblo. He was raised in a family of respected potters, learning much about the art of making pottery from watching and working with many relatives but he was most influenced by his uncle, master potter Robert Tenorio. He began his pursuit as a serious potter in the 1980s and is now a renowned Santo Domingo potter who creates pottery to preserve the traditional art forms of his ancestors and contribute to their legacy. The quality of his lessons and the years of hard work are reflected in the well-balanced shape of his pots and the fine execution of the traditional Santo Domingo designs that Ambrose chooses to employ. He has developed a distinct flair frequently placing traditional designs in intricate, non-traditional patterns. His style has garnered him not only a large following of collectors but many awards around the country. Atencio specializes in hand coiled, hand painted traditional Santo Domingo pottery and uses all-natural materials gathered from Santo Domingo Pueblo and constructs each pot by hand, down to the finishing touches that make each pot unique. He hand cleans the clay for impurities, mixes all the natural pigments with water, and begins hand coiling his vessels. Once the pottery is dry he sands the finished product to give it a smooth finish all around the vessel. Ambrose then begins to hand paint his beautiful designs with a stem of a yucca that has been fashioned into a brush. He is related to the following artists: Hilda Coriz (sister), Arthur Coriz (late brother-in-law), Robert Tenorio (uncle), and Ione Coriz (cousin). He signs his work: “Ambrose Atencio, KEWA", and the date the pot was created.

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