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John Duillo's work is best known and recognized for his skill and talent as a painter and illustrator, his historical accuracy and the human interest evident in his art. Some consider his work great because of his ability to illustrate a period of history no longer accurately described by artists today. Still, others feel that it is his capturing of America's pioneering strength that makes his work so great. Mr. Duillo's work, in the western genre, is the culmination of years of study and each piece reflects this scholarship. In the tradition of Remington-from illustrator to painter -John Duillo has turned his considerable skills to depicting scenes of the Old West. He is working in this area of art because, as he says, "it contains all the ingredients to excite the artist-color, adventure, romance, scope and philosophical depth." The artist was also intrigued by the challenge of blending the force of introspection with the necessity to look outward, caused by the need to reconstruct a vanished era. When he left the Navy, as an aerial photographer, he began studying art with Adja Junkers and photography with Berenice Abbot. Since then, his talents have been honed by working in such diverse areas as Art Director, Set Designer, and Photographer. Since 1960, Duillo has illustrated book covers (approximately 500) for top publishers in the U.S. Many of these have been authored by such famous names as Zane Grey, Max Brand and Louis L'Amour. Each book has sold over 200,000 copies, creating a total of over 100,000,000 books sold bearing his illustrations. John Duillo's other love is etching and he has found considerable acceptance and popularity in this medium. Adhering to the traditional methods of etching and a western theme, he recently won a coveted award in the "Real Show" held at the Grand Central Galleries in New York. His etchings and paintings are in many collections across the United States. President of the Society of American Historical Artists, John Duillo has work in numerous embassies throughout the world as well as museums. His work has been on the cover of many magazines and books, and he is especially noted for Civil War and western history subjects. Source

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