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Byron Wolfe Artworks :

We have handled the following Byron Wolfe artworks (5 are currently available)

• A Yihoo and Another Fat Cow• Dodging Comanches and Hunting Water• Runnin' - Iron Rustlers on the Run
• After a Blankety Blank Mosshead• Dodging Comanches and Hunting Water.• Shadow Watcher
• All Quiet on the Chisolm Trail• First Snow on the Peaks• Sign of Spring
• Beaver Men in the Tetons (Available)• Fur Trappers• Smoke in the Sky
• Bog Rider• Future Buffalo Horse• Strong Medicine, Buffalo Herd Sighted (Available)
• California Vaquero and a Brush Sleeper• Guard Duty• The Charge and Death of Roman Nose, War Chief (Available)
• Charge at the Bend of the Rosebud• Gunfighter• The Parley of the Trackers
• Cheyenne Charge!• Horns for a War Bonnet (set of 3 images)• The Parley of the Trackers 2
• Chief Joseph - First Battle of White Bird Canyon• Kit Carson and Captain Young - Sierras, 1830• Trouble on a Rope
• Cochise• Kit Carson Becomes Vih-Hie-Nis Which Means Little Chief• Ute Lookout and Stolen Horses (Available)
• Comanche Hunter with Buffalo Horse• Medicine Chief• Ute Signal on the Rio Chama
• Comanche Scouts - In the Chisos Mountains• On the Chisholm Trail• Vaqueros Working the Brush (Available)
• Comanches Raiding Along the Guadalupe• Palo Duro Canyon - General MacKenzie's Scout• Waiting for the Gold Shipment
• Comanches Scouting Apaches• Prelude to the First Battle of Adobe Walls• Water and Smoke
• Contenders for the Manada, on the Medicine River• Rail Head Sighted• When Gold Holds Hands with Death
• Cow Country• Range Life• When Gold Holds Hands with Death.
• Cuttin' Down the Odds - Texas Style• Robe Signal for Buffalo Sighted• When the Buffalo Ranges Were Fat
• Dawn Raid for Pony Soldier Horses• Run Red Stallion Run 
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