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A native of Munich, Germany, Evelyne Boren spent time growing up in Switzerland and England. When coming to the United States she enjoyed a career as a stunt double. In addition to appearing in the James Bond movie "Thunderball", she also appeared in there Bond movie "You Only Live Twice". She was the first woman in the world to ride a Killer Whale in the movie "Namu the Killer Whale", and appeared frequently in the 1950's, and 60's, series "Sea Hunt", "Aquanauts", and "Flipper". She actually helped train "Flipper" for that series. While filming a movie in the Bahamas she began her art career. She specializes in watercolors. In the 1960's, while residing in La Jolla, California she became one of the Charter/Founding Members of the San Diego Watercolor Society. She spent time painting between Southern California and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In addition to the San Diego Watercolor Society, in the 1960's she exhibited at the San Diego Art Institute, and the Lincoln Gallery in Carmel, California. She has exhibited at Galeria Uno in Puerto Vallarta, Lawrence Gallery in Taos, Livingston Gallery in San Francisco, and the Mondavi Gallery in Napa, California. Her works are now featured at the Cline Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico. Her works have also been exhibited at the Ellen Noel Art Museum in Odessa, Texas. Source -

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