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One of Nebraska's best-known living painters, Keith Jacobshagen does vast panoramic views, primarily of the Nebraska landscape. His goal is to obscure or abstract the reality with fragments or suggestions of shapes and places. "When people as me 'where is this?' I point to my head . . . landscape painting is a cliche. It's a long history of cliches. The best landscape painters, the ones who have lasted, are the ones who have something interesting with the cliches" (Lincoln Journal Star 7/19/2000). In addition to being a professional painter and graphic artist, Jacobshagen is a Professor of Art at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. His method is to go outside directly to his subject matter, something he does three days--Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays---out of each week, regardless of the weather. He is a great believer in routine and repetition, believing commitments are the core of his creativity. He stares long and hard at the view he wants to paint, believing that the longer he looks the more he will see, and then begins to sketch, applying thin layers of watercolor over the narrow stripe of graphite that defines the distant horizon. He prefers the "Zen-like" quality of watercolor, but also uses pastels. The work is finished later in the studio, although for many years he did plein-air painting, completing the work on site. His interest in panoramic views began in his childhood when he flew in airplanes with his father, who was a test pilot for an aviation company in Wichita, Kansas. He trained as a graphic designer and illustrator at the Kansas City Art Institute and then worked in the Contemporary Design Department of Hallmark Cards. After that he received his MFA from the University of Kansas at Lawrence. Source

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