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Initially drawn to photography, Philip Moulthrop became an award-winning photographer before entering law school in Georgia. After graduating from law school, Philip worked as an attorney by day, and in the wood studio at night. When he began turning, he ceased doing photography, in favor of studying with his father, Ed Moulthrop, and developing his own turning skills. In 1997 Philip gave up law to follow his heart and become a full-time wood turner. Philip Moulthrop is known for his classic wooden vessels which have simple, elegant forms that highlight the subtle grain patterns and colors in the wood. One of the most dramatic woods he uses is the Ash Leaf Maple (or Box Elder) which has streaks of bright red color that run through the wood. He only uses woods that are native to the Southeastern United States, such as Red Maples, Wild Cherry, Pine and Mimosa. All of his woods are purchased from tree cutters who have had to cut the tree down due to storm damage or disease. Philip is also known for his signature Mosaic bowls. In 1993, he developed a completely unique style of vessel that involves setting cross sections of wood in an epoxy resin and sawdust mixture. The entire piece is then turned on the lathe in the same manner as a solid block of wood. The resulting vessel is a mosaic of small wooden discs set in a black resin. Source

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