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Roy Andersen Artworks :

We have handled the following Roy Andersen artworks (none is currently available)

• A Long Hunt• Indian Standing• The One Called Braveheart
• A Wary Peace• Indian with Buffalo Hat• The Pony Traders
• Apache• Indian Woman on Horseback• The Silent Trail
• Bear Ghost's Medicine Pony• Iron Bull• The Tall One
• Bringing in the Horse Herd• Kiowa Medicine• The Telling of His Coups
• Buffalo Comanche• Kiowa Sun• The Three Sisters
• Calling Down the Vision• Many Coups• The Warrior's Greeting
• Cold Tracks• Medicine Pony• The White Capote
• Comanche Splendor• Painted Horse• Through Unknown Country
• Cry of the Eagle• Standing Indian• Titanic Uno
• Cry of the Sandhill Crane• Strong Heart• To the Sound of the Drum
• Cutting the Piegan Pony• Strong Heart Sings• Toward The Shining Mountains
• He Follows the Vision Bull• The Bear and the Buffalo• Warrior
• He Rides in Honor• The Cheyenne Pony• When Ponies Dance
• In Search of Cibola• The Crooked Lance• When the Stronghearts Sing
• Indian Head• The Edge of Chance• When Wolves Sing
• Indian on Horse (desc)• The Hoop Dancer• Wolf Across the Water
• Indian on Horse with Lance• The Horse and the Lion 
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