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Jim C. Norton Artworks :

We have handled the following Jim C. Norton artworks (none is currently available)

• A Lone Cowboy• Fixin’ Fence• Starting Out
• A Time for Diplomacy• Gathering On 6666s• Strangers in the Valley
• Ahead of the Storm• Heading Home• Tall in the Saddle
• Along the Ridge• Hunter in the Aspen• The Blue Coat
• At the Falls (oil)• Hunter's Line Camp• The Coming Storm
• Born Too Early• In the High Country• The Fall Hunt
• Buffalo Coat• Into the Foothills• The Horn Society Staff
• Buffalo Scouts• Late November• The Old Trapper
• Camp on Warm Springs• Late Return• The Prairie Wagon
• Canyon Shadows• Lining Up The Shot• The Right of Passage
• Chance Meeting• Looking for Strays• The Sacred Valley
• Checking the Herd• Looking for the Buffalo• The Setting Sun
• Cheyenne at Sunset• Native Man Study• The Trail Home
• Cheyenne Dog Soldier• Omaha Chief• The Wild Bunch
• Cottonwoods in the Fall• On the Ridge Top• The Wild Bunch.
• Cowboys of the Diamond Bar• Ponies and Sage• The Wyoming Hunt
• Crossing at the Shallows• Quanah's Return• Through the Rye
• Crossing on Current Creek• Race to the Bunk House• Trading on the Banks of the Green
• Crow Scouts• Race To The Bunkhouse• Two in a Circle
• Crows in the Cottonwoods• Rest Stop, 1979• Where Eagles Fly
• Easy Parley• Riding Flank• Whispers in the Wind
• Fading Light on Bridger Butte• Saddled Ponies• Winter's Camp
• Fall in Spanish Fork Canyon• Separating the Herd• Wyoming Sage
• Fall on the South Fork• Shaded Up 
• First Light• Sioux Warrior 
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