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Joni Falk Artworks :

We have handled the following Joni Falk artworks (none is currently available)

• Acoma Canteen• Native Treasure• Survivors in the Wilderness
• Beyond the Aspens• Oven Glow• Symbols of the Southwest
• Emerging Sunlight• Path to the Past• Talavai - Morning Kachina Hopi
• Encampment Stream• Patterns of Light• Taos Winter
• Heirlooms of the Past• Posies and Pottery• Warrior Kachina, Hopi
• Indian Encampment• Prehistoric Vessel• Wash Day
• Irene Herrera Potter• Riches of the Past• Welcome Refuge
• Kiva at San Ildefanso• Snow Shadows• Winter Serenity
• Mountain Sanctuary• Springtime Idyll• Zuni Olla Maiden
• Mountain Serenity• Sunrise Serenity 
• Native American Colors• Sunrise Serenity. 
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