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William Moyers Artworks :

We have handled the following William Moyers artworks (none is currently available)

• A Bite for a Slowpoke• Kid's Pony• Rope for a Bunch Quitter
• Back Scratchers• Looking for Strays• Saddlin' Up
• Back Scratchers.• Loser Buys the Drinks• Spring
• Bronco• March Wind• Spring Fever
• Buffalo• March Wind 2• Taking a Count
• Bull Durham• March Wind.• The Job Hunter
• Cattle Drive• New Legs• The Rivals
• Charging Buffalo• Not Fit for Women or Children• The Strawberry Roan
• Crossing the San Juan• Not Much of a Cow Horse• The Trail from Town
• Eye to Eye• Not Strictly Honest• Too Young for Winter
• Fence Riding• Out of the Draw• Travel by Wagon
• Horses 1, 2, 3, 4 (as a set)• Pair of Jacks• Up to No Good
• How Riders are Made• Price of the Herd• War Bonnet
• How Riders are Made.• Quiet Night 
• Just About Home• Riding a Tough One 
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