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Oreland C. Joe, Sr. Artworks :

We have handled the following Oreland C. Joe, Sr. artworks (none is currently available)

• A Song for the People• Going to Visit Another Camp• Sky Horse
• Apache Water Carrier• Holy Bird at Dawn• Spirit Eagle
• Aspen Light• Hopi Evening• Summer Breeze
• At'sa (Eagle)• Hopi Maiden• Taunting the Soldiers
• Autumn Song• Horse From Sacred Mountain• The Mystic One
• Bear Dance Chief• Indian Mother and Child• Through the Sage
• Bear Robe• Juniper Wind• Touches Red Roses
• Blackfoot Ritual Ed. 2/45• Keeper of the Night: Chant Songs• Tufa Cast Sterling Silver Cuff with Buffalo Design
• Buffalo Dancer• Medicine Horses• Tufa Cast Sterling Silver Cuff with Kachina Design
• Calling Upon Thunder• Medicine Man• Tufa Cast Sterling Silver Cuff with Turquoise and ZigZag Pattern
• Campfire Songs• Morning of the Corn Song• Tufa Cast Sterling Silver Cut-Out Cuff with Turquoise
• Capturing Elk Medicine Ed. 4/12• Morning Snow• Two Hopi Women- Corn Grinder and Water Carrier
• Cedar Springs Corn Grinder, 2008• Mountain Breeze• Untitled (Seated Woman with Baby)
• Ceremonial Dancer• Native American Woman• Ute Berry Harvest
• Chief Joseph• Navajo Fetish Bear• Ute Scout
• Chief Standing Bear• Navajo Woman• Visions
• Cornmeal Song• Night Dancers• Waiting for the Dance
• Crooked Horn• Night Songs• War Songs of an Eagle Chanter
• Dances of Summer• Northern Ute Delegate, 2007• Water Carrier
• Dreamer• Rain Talker• White Shell Necklace
• Evening Song• Red Medicine Bird• White Shell Necklace.
• Evenings of Songs• Red Valley Rug Weaver, ed. 3/33• Winter Buffalo
• Flute Player• Reflection of War Days• Woman from Baby Rock
• Going Home• Seashells 
• Going to the Fire Dance• Seeking the Medicine 
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