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The work of Chester Comstock is born of two equal dedications -- a dedication to aesthetics of art and a dedication to the science of fine casting. Even on close examination his sculptured animal seems real. It is even portrayed with a bit of its natural environment to offer a sense of scale in an isolated moment of nature. In order to achieve this natural delicacy & realism in such materials as bronze and heavy metal alloys, the artist requires a keen eye, a deep appreciation of nature and a thorough understanding of casting technology and metallurgy. Chester's work embodies these vital prerequisites. It's uncanny realism is proof enough. Comstock chooses metal for color as well as workability. Delicate translucent patinas are added for even greater realism. Details are checked with Comstock finishing every casting personally. The results delight the eye and spark the imagination. Born in Billings, Montana, Chester Comstock now lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. Though his interest in art began with early contacts with Colorado artists Hal Shelton and Ralph Tice, Comstock's serious work began in the San Francisco Bay area where he worked & studied from 1964 to 1968. He also worked as a foundryman at the San Francisco Foundry and at the San Francisco Art Institute with Steve Distabler during this period. He went on to receive a commission in the Army Corps of Engineers, and additional study at Stanford University in Material Sciences and Industrial Engineering. Each experience contributed to his unique blend of discipline, technical knowledge and artistic skill. Chester now enjoys the ability to explore the boundaries and limitations of his media, making creative applications and considerations to the various stages of the production process. Source

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