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"In certain moment of mental plentitude, I forget my self, my body, my ties, my memories, the past, all the acts and impressions which determined my sense of remoteness and the whole long trajectory of evasion and separation." -Macedonio Fernandez The works of Woodrow Blagg are representative of an expression that began to emerge in the 1980's, which is counter trend, seeking to turn the contemporary scene on track by calling for a further acknowledgment of the complexities within art and life. Educated at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, Blagg has pursued channels leading to a means that he felt is important to his art. Interests in photography, literature, mathematics and philosophy have remained significant toward his understanding, as he says, of what it is to create things. Furthermore, the Argentineans, essayist and poet Macedonia Fernandez and writer Jorge Luis Borges; the Americans, photographer Walker Evans, novelists Paul Bowles and Henry Miller among others, have influenced his oeuvre. Blagg is also very aware of being involved with life's experiences. His travels since 1975 have included extended residencies from Eskimo villages in Quebec, Ontario and Hudson Bay in Canada to ranches in West Texas from 1979 to the present. These explorations help pronounce the divergent realms of rituals in a culture and define the symbolisms that bond and identify people's associations with themselves. The differing tracts of a terrain of culture, the similarity of forms of the bonding relate intuitively through ritual and are closely tied together. These physics of our being continue to engage Blagg in his life and in his art. Source

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