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Sylvia Naha Humphrey, who is a member of the Spider Clan, was born into the Hopi-Tewa Reservation. She is the grand daughter of the late “Paqua Naha”, who was among the most famous and prolific Hopi-Tewa potters to ever have lived. Paqua’s first name means “frog” in Spanish. She is known as “Frog Woman”. Sylvia specializes in hand coiled Hopi white slip pottery. She learned the art of traditional pottery making from her mother, Helen “Feather Woman” Naha. Sylvia gathers her clay and other necessary materials from the land, including natural pigments used for color on her works. She cleans, mixes, shapes, sands, paints, and fires her pottery outdoors, the traditional way with sheep dung. Many of the designs Sylvia paints on her pottery are Helen’s but she will incorporate them with her own. Source

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