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Martin Grelle Artworks :

We have handled the following Martin Grelle artworks (none is currently available)

• A Cold Day in December• Going Courtin'• Sounds in the WIllows
• A Cowboy and Two Packhorses along a River• Headin' Them Home• Sunday Sojourn
• A Refuge from the Cold• High Passage• Sunday Sojourn.
• A Well Traveled Trail• Hobbles• Texas Bonnets
• A Western Winter• Hopin' for Hay• The Challenge
• Apsaroke Guardian• Hunter’s Morning• The Matterhorn
• Beginning of the Fall• In No Hurry• The Meeting Place
• Blackfeet at Blacktail Ponds• Last Light of a Cold Day• The Sign
• Bluebonnet Time• Last of the Pemmican• Through the Valley.
• Buffalo Pony• Lords of the Land• Timber Wolves
• Captured Pony• Morning Count• Trophy Ride
• Clearing Storm Rhine Falls• No School Today• Twilight Dancer
• Cold Crossing• Old Timer• Warming Up
• Cold Winds• Passing Through the Hole• Warrior Alone
• Crow Dandy• Penny's Blanket• Warrior Down
• Crow Man• Piegan Winter• Warrior's Quest
• Day in the Rain• Prairie Watcher• Watcher
• Eagle Prayer• Scouts in Rough Country• West Texas Weathered
• Ever Cautious• Signs of Spring• When Cold Winds Blow
• Feathers, Fur and Paint• Snake River Wolves• Wolf
• First Watch• Snow Trail• Wyoming Morning
• Gathering Storm• Soldier's Hat 
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