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According to Don Ricks, "it's not what you paint but how you paint that counts". His are paintings of singular vision: pastoral, brilliant, impressionistic landscapes and still lifes suffusing with light, depth, and texture. Ricks studied art at the University of Utah but postponed his art career due to fatherhood and started a sign painting business. Finally at 39, he exchanged the sign painting brushes for oil brushes and canvas. Ricks ran summer artist workshops at his home, one hour from Yellowstone National Park and through these experiences Ricks realized "it is vital to discover your own direction as an artist and constantly strive for that". Ricks' still lifes offer tables laden with the fruits of the harvest, exploding with exuberant light and color. Baskets and platters of peaches, melons, and apples, all ripe for the taking, spill over onto the ground like a lush carpet. And it's all dappled through cottonwoods and aspens. It's a singular vision - a hard-won quality of focus that will continue to set Ricks' work apart from others. Reference:

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