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I stumbled across your site on Walter. I lived next to Walter as a boy and spent many days watching him paint and being fascinated with his house. We lived in Glen Ellyn west of Chicago, and his house looked like a Swiss Chalet with lots of big heavy dark beams and stone. It rambled all over and was fascinating for a kid. My father was an avid hunter, and Walter had given him a couple of hunting related paintings that I have now. He and my dad would talk hunting and outdoor sports. I remember he had done some calendars for John Deere, and I believe they featured outdoor/hunting themes. He had a great collection of antique militaria from Mongol war shields and helmets, very ornate wheel lock muskets, and other various flintlock, snaphense etc. over his fireplace. I have an old photo of it somewhere........ I think my favorite was his basement. He had a virtual museum of artifacts from varying Indian tribes. Some from the plains, some from the north east and, the one I remember best, the Tlingit Indians from the Pacific Northwest. Each section had a painting by Walter that typified the varying tribes. I wish I still had photos from there but I have misplaced them over the years. Walter also took the occult pretty seriously. I remember him being very upset with the "Ouiji Board" game. He sometimes came to our house for Christmas and we kids had received one as a gift. Walter became quite distraught with it and I believe he went home. Another story about Walter comes to mind. He had an impish sense of humor. He had a bottle of "1933 Pontet-Canet Pauilac", a red bordeaux wine. (I know because I still have the bottle....) Anyway, when he would have company over for dinner he would make a great showing of this "Fine bottle of vintage wine!" for his guests and lovingly pouring them a glass. He would then sit back and relish their glowing praise of this excellent vintage. Years later I found out he would use the same bottle but refill it with some relatively cheap American red wine he bought at the discount liquor mart! His eyes were twinkling with mirth when he fessed up to that one. Source

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