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Born in 1873 in Vienna, Austria, Scheuerle came to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1882 where he was apprenticed to a lithographer and later worked as a commercial artist. In 1896 he sketched Native American portraits for posters. He moved to Chicago, Illinois in 1900 and worked as an illustrator, creating posters for the Buffalo Bill Show among others. Scheuerle made several trips to the western United States, painting portraits at different Native American tribes; the Sioux in 1909, the Crow and Blackfoot in 1910, the Cheyenne in 1911, among others. He completed a series of approximately 260 portraits and was an important contributor to the understanding of the plight of Native Americans in the early 1900's. Scheuerle became friends with C.M. Russell, Gollings, and de Young. During World War I he moved back to Cincinnati and to New York City in 1923. He died in 1948, in South Orange, New Jersey. Reference:

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