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Fritz White Artworks :

We have handled the following Fritz White artworks (none is currently available)

• A Makah Whaler• Grandmother's Angel• Prairie Smoke for the Buffalo Spirit
• Bobcat and the Beaver• Grandmother's Joy• Prayer for Jedediah Ed. 4/25
• Breaking the Tie• Grandmother's Joy 19/40• Prisoner of the Willow 2
• Caribou Hunter• Grandmother's Joy, 6/40• Saving Little Sister for San Jacinto
• Cowboy• Grandmother's New Arrival, 15/30• The Corn Planter
• Dog Soldier• Hidatsa Buffalo Dancer• The Fishers
• Escape at Rim Rock• In Search of the Snow Goose• The Grandmother
• Free• In Search of the Snow Goose 113/150• The Grandmother 26/30
• Free, ed. 18/18• In Search of the Snow Goose 2• The Grandmother, ed. 4/16
• Grandmother• Indian with Braid• The Great American Cowboy
• Grandmother Series - Child in Basket• Jesse Tanner Rankin - Lawman Ed. 5/30• The Law
• Grandmother Series - Kneeling Holding Baby Up• Lightning Strikes, Thunder Rolls• The Law Ed. 8/25
• Grandmother Series - Sitting with Child in Lap• Magic of the Great Bear• The Wolf Shaman
• Grandmother Series - Standing Holding Baby Up• Mandan• When the Buffalo are Gone
• Grandmother Series - Two Women Holding Children• Man's Face• Wyoming Ed. 2/25
• Grandmother Series - with umbrella• Many Presents 
• Grandmother, 18/30• Out of the Mystic Past 
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