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Stan Davis Artworks :

We have handled the following Stan Davis artworks (none is currently available)

• A Boy and His Dog• Lost Puppy• The Hawk Takes a Wife
• A Calm Precedes the Storm• March of the Brave Dogs• The Invocation
• A Chance Encounter• Messages From Afar• The Mystery Beyond
• A Flower of Deeper Reality• My Soul, My Country• The Path to Honor
• A Mother's Love Never Changes• Old Battles Old Glories• The Power and the Glory
• A Perfect Time• Portrait of an American Dream• The Soft Light of Eden
• A Sign of Victory• Preparing For War• The Symbolist
• A Song of Light• Ready for Mr. Curtis' Camera• The Vision at Spirit Lake
• A Time by Fate Appointed• Red Thunder• The Warm Light of Summer
• American History• Scouting the Flank• The Warrior's Prayer
• American Zeitgeist• Silent Dog First to Bite• The Wedding Lodge
• Autumn Morning• Silent, Solitary , and Resolute• To Save a Friend
• Beside the Still Waters• Some Time to Think• Tomorrow the Warriors
• Beside the Still Waters.• Spooked• Trap or Treasure
• Color of Light• Spooked.• Treasure House of the Seminole
• Colors in the Wind• Sun Star• Twilight Tracker
• Colors in Time• Temptation• Unconquered Shadows
• Cry Unto the Great Soul• The Ambush• Valiant is the Seminole
• For Liberty and Union• The American Archetype• War Colors of the Creek
• From A Time Lost• The American Icon• War is Better Than a Wretched Peace
• Golden Memories of Innocence• The Camp at Lost River• When Leadership Weighs
• Happy is the Bride to Be• The Color of Light• When War is the Only Way
• Heed The Coyote's Call• The Colors of War• Where Friends, There Riches
• Horse Medicine• The Eagle Soars Alone• Who Lives Will See
• Liberty Is Given By Nature• The Eagle Soars Alone.• Winter Solstice
• Long Ago• The Family Provider• Wolf Soldier
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