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Richard MacDonald creates bronze sculptures, which show the power, grace and beauty of athletes, ballerinas, mimes and nymphs. Born in California, MacDonald was enrolled as a painter at Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, where he developed his penchant for the human form. The use of athletic musculature underneath skin and clothes earned a name as an accomplished illustrator; his placements are in the NFL and NBA Halls of Fame and the National Art Museum of Sport. From the two-dimensional surface of the drawing board to the three-dimensional, kinetic feel of clay, the artist evolved. Exploring the same musculature, now in three dimensions, that he used in his two dimensional works. He found them taking on an almost weightless feel. Once translated into bronze these works took on a dimension even he didn't expect, permanence. MacDonald recently gained recognition for sculpting Flair Across America, a monumental 26-foot tall bronze installed in Centennial Park, Atlanta for the 1996 Olympic Games. The Flair celebrates the tenacity involved in the pursuit of excellence while promoting an appreciation for the arts within diverse communities. The trek that the artist embarked on brought this monument from his studio in California across the United States, stopping in cities to educate people on the importance of figurative art in today's society. The model for Flair was Kurt Thomas, the athlete who popularized the "flair" move in Olympic competition. Of this work it was written: "It single-handedly brought figurative monumental sculpture back into the American art scene that one saw it as too sentimental. Too moving to be art." Reference:

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