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Robert Lougheed Artworks :

We have handled the following Robert Lougheed artworks (6 are currently available)

• Action at Indian Rock• Four of the Bell String.• Scouting Deep in Snow Country
• Afternoon in the Santa Clara• Haystack Meeting, Taos Area, NM• Siberian Husky (Available)
• Alaska Moose• Horse Pasture• Slate Colored Juncos
• Along the Trapline• Illustration From Margerita Henry's Mustang• Spring Below the Jemez
• At Rest• In the San Pedros• Spring on the Bell Ranch
• Bell Ranch Post Office• In the Valley of the Rio Chama• Stranges in Cochiti Country
• Buffalo and Magpies• In the Village of Stanley• Summer by the Tetons
• Buffalo in Oklahoma Territory• Lone Horse• Sunday Afternoon
• Canada Geese• Mexico Shade• Texas Rangers
• Cedar Woods, Erin, Ontario• Migie (Available)• The Log Barn Shelter
• Chamisa Trail• Morning Stroll in Grizzly Country• The Man from Taos Mountain
• Colorado Adobe• Mrs. Brown (Available)• Trailing the Konvone
• Dark Skies over Arroyo Tesuque• Mustangs on the Move• Trouble on the Pecos Trail
• December Sun• My South Pasture Along the Santa Fe Trail• Waiting at Medio, aka The Empty Saddle, aka Whistle Stop
• Deer on the Edge of March• North of the Del Nortes (Available)• Welsh Corgi (Available)
• Early Snows• On the Edge of Crow Country• West of Alpine
• Elk in the Low Country• Packing Table Mountain• Willow Wind Break
• Elk on the Galatian• Packing the Pecos Trail• Winter Shadows
• Family of Geese (Available)• Passing the Black Mesa• Winter Windbreak
• First Day Cover with Buffalo• Patterns of a Winter Morning• Winter Wonderland
• Follow the Pecos Trail• Portrait of Horse• Wintering in the High Country
• Four of the Bell String• Ring Necked Ducks• Wood for the Fires of Santa Fe
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