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George Carlson Artworks :

We have handled the following George Carlson artworks (2 are currently available)

• "I Am": Taos Indian• Fragment of Double Sunrise• New Mexico Cemetery
• Adobes• Game Keeper• Old Blue
• Augustina Ed. 12/14• Head Study• Porfirio
• Basque Sheepherder• Hopi Maiden• Sioux Girl Ed. 7/14
• Bearded Man Ed. 5/19• Hopi Maiden, edition 167/175• Small Head
• Boy and Eagle II• Hopi Snake Gatherer• Spearfisher
• Colors of the Tarahumara• Indian with Deer Headdress• The Conqueror 3
• Courtship Flight• John Harroweer (Available)• The Hunter, 12/21
• Descendant of Spotted Tail Sioux• Late Light in Church Patio (Available)• Theresa Ed. 12/21
• Drinking Tesguino: Tarahumara Series• Leche con Nescafe• Warm Up
• Fifth Plie• Long Bear• Woodland Nymph
• Fires of Twilight• Man with Hat• Young Luis
• Four Directions• Mane of Wind, Neck of Thunder Ed. 3/21 
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