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John Fawcett Artworks :

We have handled the following John Fawcett artworks (none is currently available)

• A Job Well Done• High Flyin• Suspicious Sign
• A Long Way Home• Holdin' the Line• The Bay Mare
• After The Shower• Homeward Bound• The Cold Season
• Alot of Rope• In Good Company• The Elk Hunters
• An Hour Before Dawn• Innocence• The Found Arrow
• Arrows that Talk• Lakota Crossing• The Gossips
• Before the Race• Listening• The Graveyard Shift
• Blackfoot Maiden• Many Coups• The Hackmore
• Catchin' Up• Moonlight Shadows• The Lookout
• Caution• Moonlit• The Palomino
• Colorado Cooler• Mother and Child Reunion• The Quirt
• Colorado Wadin'• Night Ride Home• The Remuda
• Cool Water• Night Vigil• The Scout's Report
• Cowboy on Horseback in Snow• Palomino Proud• The Teacher
• Dawn's Early Light• Plentiful• The Trapper
• Double Diamond• Praise• Three's Company
• Doublin Up• Quittin' Time• Through The Canyon
• Evening Scout• Reconnaissance• Trail to Elk Camp
• Fast Forward• Red Creek Reflections• Trusted One
• Fence Work• Rocky Crossing• Vantage Point
• Full Throttle• Sacred Water• Warrior's Wealth
• Gate Man• Sagebrush Stories• Windin' Up
• Good Grass• Siesta• Winter Hunt
• Good Medicine• Stalking• Winter Vigil
• Headin' Back• Stop on a Dime• Winter's Journey
• High Country• Summer Crossing 
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