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Tom Hill is a representational watercolorist of Mexican and cowboy figures, born in Texas and living in Tucson, Arizona. “A lot of people feel that watercolor is a ‘lightweight’ medium,” he observes, “one that’s okay for sketches and studies, but not for major works and one that is not permanent. This misconception is probably the result of having been given, as a child, watercolors to ‘play with,’ As it is so dynamically done today, however, watercolor painting is acknowledged to be one of the most difficult mediums and one of the most exciting. Properly taken care of, it is one of the most permanent.” “I was always sure I’d be an artist. When I was six, I would lie on the floor and draw on the backs of discarded envelopes. Even now, I remember the pleasure when I put pencil to paper and felt the tactile quality of the graphite rubbing onto the paper.” Raised in California, he was an artist in the Navy, attended the Art Center College of Design in Lost Angeles, was an artist for Universal Studios in Hollywood, and then became a staff artist for the Chicago Sunday Tribune and attended the Art Institute of Chicago. He left Chicago to become an illustrator in New York City. “I always felt temporarily transplanted in the East,” he says, and he moved in Arizona. “As I acquired more experience in drawing and painting, I began to realize that I desired more than just realism in my paintings. I also searched for more than reportorial art for myself. I wanted to be able to make statements in my paintings that would be understood by the viewer, and I wanted my work to have a ‘feeling’ about it, a soul, if you will.” Hill is a member of the American Watercolor Society and an Associate of the National Academy of Design, was featured in Southwest Art, April 1977, and has written two books on how to paint in watercolor. Source: "Contemporary Western Artists", by Peggy and Harold Samuels

  • ANA = Associate National Academy
  • AWS = American Watercolor Society
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