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Various Artists Artworks :

We have handled the following Various Artists artworks (none is currently available)

• 1 Cherokee & 3 Hopi Baskets• Lot of 3 Navajo Bracelets• Lot of three Pots
• 1 Navajo & 3 Hopi Baskets• Lot of 3 Rings• Lot of three small sculptures, Melvin Warren, G. Harvey, and Robert Summers
• Chess Set• Lot of 3, Acoma, Zia and San Juan pottery• Lot of two Mata Ortiz Mexican Ollas
• Grouping of Native American Woven Basketry• Lot of 3: Two Charm Necklaces and Charm Bracelet• Lot of Two: Southwestern Style Treasure Necklace & Santo DomingoTriple Stranded Turquoise Neckla
• Hopi Baskets - Lot of 4• Lot of 4 Gold Rings• Native American Pottery Collection - 13 pots
• Ivan Howard & Tim Yazzie Navajo Silversmithed Box with Blue Gem Turquoise• Lot of 4 Sculptures• Navajo and Mexican Weavings - Lot of 3
• Kathleen Collateta and Adrian Sandia, Hopi Tewa Pot• Lot of 4: 2 Bracelets and 2 Necklaces• San Juan Pueblo Boots and Acoma Canteen
• Lot of 2 - Cuff Links and Ring• Lot of 5 Silver Bracelets• Santa Clara pottery, lot of 3
• Lot of 2 Black Pots• Lot of 5 Silver Bracelets with Turquoise• Silver Turquoise & Coral Bracelet
• Lot of 2 Pots• Lot of 5 Silver Bracelets.• Three Baskets ca. 1920-1940, Two Pima, One Apache
• Lot of 2 rings• Lot of 6 Gold Rings• Two Casa Grandes Pots by Julio Ledezma and Juan Quezada
• Lot of 2 Sterling Silver Bracelets• Lot of 6 Non-Native Gold Rings• Two Inlay Bracelets
• Lot of 2: Pima Olla and Chemehuevi Plaque• Lot of 6: 2 Necklaces and 4 Bracelets• Two Photographs-Isaiah W. Taber "Section of the Grizzly Giant" and "Ohio"
• Lot of 3 Bolos: A. Penketewa, Jerry T. Nelson, and Max & Carl Luthy Shop• Lot of 6: 2 Necklaces, 2 Bracelets 1 Pair Earrings & 1 Ring• Workin' the Herd
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