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Allan Houser Artworks :

We have handled the following Allan Houser artworks (none is currently available)

• A Potter's Dream• Man of Honor, 7/20• Shepherdess
• Abstract Geometric• Maybe the Next Dance• Shepherdess, 9/25
• Afternoon Rest• Medicine Man• Sioux with Rattle and Fan
• At Rest, 1994• Medicine Man, 2/24• Small Mother and Child
• Buffalo Hunt• Mescalero Drummer• Small Standing Figure
• Drama on the Plains• Mighty Buffalo• Songmakers
• Drama on the Plains, 21/100• Mother and Child• Spiritual Guide, edition 14 of 24
• Eagle Dancer• Mother's Shelter• Tending the Flock
• Flute Player Ed. 3/20• Navajo Shepherdess• Tending the Flock, Ed. 3/20
• Gathering Clouds• Night Guard Ed. 4/12• The Crown Dancer
• Going to Grandma's• Night Wind, ed. 12/12• The Offering
• Heading Home• Old Memories• The Stud, 1973
• Horses• Peace Prayer Ed. 4/24• Thoughts of the Future
• Hunter's Prayer• Plains Couple Ed. 9/15• Tulapai
• I Sing, ed. 2/29• Ready for Battle• Waiting for a Ride
• Indian Drummer• Reclining Woman III• Winter Silence
• Innocence• Red Painted Woman• Woman Holding Pipe, edition 1 of 20
• Iza, 11/15• Repose, ed. 20/20• Young Apache Mother
• Just Friends• Resting• Zuni Watercarrier
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