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Born: Bremen, Germany 1832
Died: West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1932

Eastern painter of mountain landscapes in California in the 1870s.

Herzog entered the Dusseldof Academy in 1849, the pupil of JW Schirmer, Lessing, A Achenbach, and H. Gude. He traveled to Norway, Switzerland, Italy, and the Pyrenees for the mountain landscapes he favored in his early paintings. He also painted some genre works, such as The Flag Swinging Festival in Switzerland. His patrons included Queen Victoria and Grand Duke Alexander of Russia.

In 1869, Herzog immigrated to Philadelphia, at the time his free Hanseatic State of Bremen was absorbed by Germany. He painted landscapes in Pennsylvania and along the Hudson River. He sketched in California’s Yosemite Valley and Sierra Nevada in 1874-75. The painting of El Captain, Yosemite was called his masterpiece. A few months before his death in 1932, he held a joint New York City exhibition with his son Lewis Herzog.

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